Zanicca Soledad











Theamuria Eleftheria Aniccasteri - formerly: Zanicca Soledad - In order to keep things simple, I could be loosely described as a Dance Dakini, a Movement Shaman, a Travelling Tantrika, and a Mystic Muse.

I have lived infinite parallel lives in my multi-dimensional existence, from a performance artist choreographing, performing and creating unique multi-dimensional shows in huge theatres all over the world that no-one has ever seen anything similar to, to a tantrik lover embodying and living the essence of tantra in a relationship spanning more than 10 countries, to a Shaman pilgrim climbing sacred mountain ranges from the Andes in Peru to the Himalayas in Nepal, to poet making love with words and crafting poems in 5 different languages…

Skiing on the edges of consciousness and the fringes of society, having being danced from hell to heaven and the infinite spaces in between in over 50 countries, I have forgotten who I am nor where I come from, and I couldn’t care less, for I am embracing who I am becoming, every moment, with every breath.

Movement and dance is the powerful medium through which my soul expresses its undeniable desire and untame-able truth, and my heart sings its inexplicable song, enflaming other hearts with passion while showering them with compassion, while sending infinite blessings and love to the entire universe and beyond.





In this workshop, you will be initiated into a magical world where movement meets spirit, so the dance becomes prayer.

The divine is accessed through the temples in the form of our bodies, via the very tangible senses. The powerful and limitless sexual energy will be transmuted and transformed into the subtler spiritual energy as it infuses each cell in your body, inhabiting you with totality and grace from the root to the crown chakra, as you witness your souls making love through movement and dance in this journey through eternity and infinity.

You will be invited to disappear into the dance and to forget who you are, in order to remember all we could be. We will be letting expression, connection and inspiration take you along for the ride.

We will play, and we will pray in this epic, tantric and psychedelic adventure diving into infinite possibilities, to finally transcend form into the realm of the formless, where only magic abides.


Portrait: © Avneesh Kumar - Photo: © unknown