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SarkaSarka alias Jeremy is a Czech born and Berlin based body worker, yoga teacher,
retreat and workshop organiser (internationally), conscious sexuality coach with experience in and passion for body mechanics, movement, dance, martial art, theatre improvisation, alternative approaches to sexuality, and psychological play.
She likes to inspire people around her and share different perspectives for living life.
With her eastern European blood she will contribute, using her sharpness and overly directness, to accompany Jonno in the nightly talk show.





Jonno alias Mr. Dream Man is a performer, director, producer, editor, singer, teacher, acroyogi, musician and dancer. He is highly trained in theatrical improvisation and contact improvisation dance while also having extensive experience with Acroyoga and Capoeira. His background is mainly in physically devised theatre as a performer and director. He trained in the Le Coq style of theatre of neutral mask, baal mask, half-mask, clowning, buffont, mime and character. In addition he has explored many different types of improvisation such as Primal Theatre, Viewpoints, Action Theatre, Long Form, Plastique, Al Wunder and Andrew Morrish.





Imagine acroyoga as a dance where our boundaries are open and flexible. This workshop will explore simple partner acrobatic positions and how we can kink them up. Get ready to get nude as well as to play with your beautiful genitals which are very often underestimated in acroyoga. This workshop requires presence, trust, surrender, playfulness and communication. We will investigate touch and how to direct another person’s body in space.










A nightly live cabaret/talk show. Join hosts Jeremy and the Dream Man for your nightly conversation on what’s happening in the festival while getting to dig deeper into the festival. There’ll be exclusive interviews, 30 second orgies, behind-the-scenes access, breaking news, group orgasms and performances..



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