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Dear friends of xplore and the old and NEW schwelle7!

Since December we – the non-profit association Company Felix Ruckert Berlin e.V. – are in negotiations to buy the Club Czar Hagestolz on the premises of Alte Boerse Marzahn in order to construct there a NEW HOME for schwelle7. In order to keep the total purchase price low, save the spaces for xplore and EURIX, and to eventually build a little kinky village around it, we - together with some friends and members of the association  – engaged ourselves to buy a total of four buildings and the surrounding land. We nearly have all the money together - but some is still missing!

With the revenues of the crowd funding 2016 and the private loans we could collect - here once more a huge THANK YOU to all donors and loan givers – we will be able to purchase the real estate immediately. For the renovation and possible expansion – bondage hall, dance studio, play grounds , hammam, terraces and gardens - there is no limit to fantasy: we plan to get a bank credit of another 200 000 EUR to make  all the fantasies come true...


Investors wanted!

Commercial space to sell, here on Alte Boerse Marzahn! Help to preserve our xplore location!


WerkstattBau DSC 4148


As many of you already know, at the monent we try to purchase parts of the premises of Alte Börse Marzahn, in order to create a new location for the work of Felix Ruckert – a NEW schwelle7 – and to preserve the spaces where we currently organize xplore and EURIX. The situation is critical, as the owner needs to sell urgently. We are nevertheless very thankful to him as he would prefer us as buyers and therefore is ready to offer us exceptional conditions, if we get the money together.

Concretely you can purchase currently parts of the “Werkststattgebäude”, the long brick building opposite the main building. There is space available on the first floor and on the ground floor, including the rooms we use during xplore for the Symposium, the Monster & Demons Play Space and for some workshops. Prices are exceptionally reasonable for Berlin, therefore buying here is a good investment. The building is in good condition, with a protected facade and prussian cap ceilings. The first floor will be reconstructed according to the needs of the buyers and will be mostly conversed into generous ateliers with top light. We prefer kink friendly investors who can finance quickly.
ATTENTION: This is a commercial space in an commercial area, registration as a living space is not possible! Banks do not give loans to purchase commercial spaces! You need to have some kind of commercial activity there!

If you are interested or have further questions please write us Felix <felix(ad)> or Micha Stella <felixruckertmichastella(ad)> or directly talk to us!

If we achieve now to find buyers for these spaces, we have the unique possibility to construct a sort of schwelle7 village here. A new big studio will be constructed then on the site of the club Czar Hagestolz, where we would continue organizing the workshops and parties of the former schwelle7. Please contact us also if you know people that might be interested to invest here!

Association schwelle7 / xplore organization



For all of that we need your efficient support - now:

We would be highly grateful if you could help us powerfully here and now with the purchase of an xplore-support-ticket.

Anyone who has a lot of spare money could give the supporting association of schwelle7 a long-term loan at low interest rates. As a non-profit organization, we can also issue receipts for donations which are tax-deductible.

Anyone who still has more spare money left, could enter as an investor, buy still free business premises and rent it out to us. (Purchase price ca EUR 1500 per square meter in a renovated state, about 500 square meters are still available).

Anyone who wants to help us as a patron or sponsor in the purchase of the upper mentioned real estate is sincerely welcomed in our community.

Anyone who has influence, please use it.
Anyone who can speak up, please talk about us, xplore and schwelle7.
Anyone who has friends, please send them to xplore or EURIX.
Anyone who has spiritual talents, visualize the perfect NEW schwelle7.
Anyone who believes in the power of positive thinking, think positive. Other wise you may pray as well.
Anyone who might have magical skills you know what you have to do anyway...

If you wish to continue having schwelle7 in your life, see what you can do to get a NEW HOME!
Looking forward to hear from you,
Felix, in April 2017


You also can help powerfully with:

Participation / Membership:

  • also the NEW schwelle7 will run as a non-commercial-organisation supported by the non-progit-association Compagnie Felix Ruckert Berlin e.V.
  • We try to keep the space to act out our inclinations, as far as possible free of commerce, and to offer unusual, experimental workshops and performances.
  • We are looking for individuals who would like to become supporting members of the association and help to maintain and develop the NEW venue.
  • Supporting members will get free entrance to the monthly organised play parties and 10 % or more reduction on the price of most workshops and events.
  • Membership is available from 20 EUR a month.  Membership fee reductions and the Articles of the Association on request!

schwelle7 - Membership Application Form  (.pdf=103 kB)


More information:



Photo: ©2015 Martin Hinze