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Concept 0998 s„Grace“ means poise, elegance and charm, but also mercy, courtesy or moratorium.

In any case it is not compiled or gathered, it is given. Grace is allowed, if not asked for, not expected. It happens, when we realize we do not really have a chance and relax. When we let go of control - and trust.

Art becomes magic only if it does not have to please, if it does not have to be anything. Not even true. Sex becomes good only when freed from ambition and pretense. Orgasm is not a cramp, it is a release. Grace happens when true love is present: generosity, serenity, humour, empathy.

xplore 2017 wishes for more of this. The world at large is in need of this.

Of course all our presenters for this year have been selected for their embodiment of this very notion; each one displays an outstanding loveliness, charm - and mercifulness! - that will no doubt enhance the festival. The concept of grace will also dictate a new pricing policy: This year we will sell the expensive tickets first, so in a second phase we can offer cheaper tickets for the less favoured.

The festival will also have a focus on media, communication and expression. It is time to come out. We have a well trusted camera crew who will record images and impressions in order to create a xplore documentary. The intention is to present ourselves, to report on our experiences and insights, and to reach out and inform the world about us and our delightfulness. See more: XPLORE COMES OUT

Let us share our playground!

Felix Ruckert, March 2017


About the Program 2017

This year’s xplore will always feature four parallel workshops.

This year’s program has a focus on physical awareness, emotional experiences and creative skills. We will try to make the sexpositive explore environment more subtle, deep and rich and to expand from the private to the public and political. Somatic and artistic practices, performances and happenings, reflections and experiences play a major role.

The academic-critical symposium will take place in a play space this time.

Two new rooms are dedicated to costume & styling and for your expression in front of a camera.

We also decided to produce a film documentary on xplore this year. Micha Stella has selected a very special crew to film and photograph xplore Berlin 2017.

Of course we accept, that not everyone is ready to come out. Therefore filming will be restricted to certain hours and certain spaces in order to protect and respect those, who don’t wish to appear in the film. These workshops are highlighted in PINK on the schedule.

For the others, those who have already revealed their faces to the world, and those who might hesitate but wish to do so – this is your chance to express yourself and support our festival and its values.

More about the filmproject: XPLORE COMES OUT


Photo: ©2016 Julia Tham