Play Spaces

To give ample opportunity to create your own individual scenes and sessions we organize five play spaces this year, offering different inspirations and concepts:




(daily from 11am to 9pm - Werkstatt 1)

This year the academic lectures will happen in a space equipped for BDSM and sexual play. Some presenters will propose participatory concepts.

Shifting Backstages and Frontlines of Embodiment

Series of Play Space Lectures curated by Dr. Sacha Kagan

Backstages are spaces where crucial things happen, which we however tend to leave out of public focus, away from scrutiny. They are not socially presentable. They often reveal some interesting aspects of the issues we are grappling with, difficulties we have, and mechanisms behind our public, on-stage, highlighted actions and interactions. They point at some strings and tricks that we may not want to stress, but that play an important role in the background of our personal and social lives. more @ SYMPOSIUM

Speakers: Marius Presterud, Dr. Nathalie Blanc, Dr. Peter Banki, Prof. Dr. Regine Herbrik, Dr. Sacha Kagan






(Fri+Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 11am-7pm)

This is a labyrinth-like ensemble of shacks with an outdoor area and a sun deck, equipped for bodywork, rope bondage and all kinds of massage. xplore guests are invited to come to a meeting point and trade all forms of physical treatments – from academic/professional to improvised/intuitive, supported by a cast of experts. In the same space you also find opportunities for creative expression and play with materials. A place for manual activities and relaxation, accompanied by gentle electronic music and flute play.

Artistic Director: Shadow - Technical Director: Wilhelmus Franken
Live Music: Lorenzo Colocci, Marco Colocci, Ben Niran, Alex Baboian
Experts Bodywork: Ysel, Anja, Renée, Beate, Hanne, Bettina, Henrik a.o.



Introduction workshop:
by Ysel & Shadow
(daily 11am - 12:30pm)



Shibari Lounge


With Arlis & Hagen you get the opportunity to experience lustful and/or painful bondage.
Whether in the air or on the ground – they will embrace you with ropes and hold you...

Photo: © Hubertus Leischner



Don't miss to visit us at our Café inside the MASSAGE & BODYWORK EXCHANGE SPACE (Czar Hagestolz). Certainly you can find there old acquaintances behind or in front of the bar, or you will meet new friends.
The Cafe opens at 1 pm and keeps open until the play space closes (ca. 10 pm)

Experts Dolce Vita: Eli, Beate,Tristan, n.n.







(Fri+Sat 1pm-9pm, Sun 1pm-7pm)

This is a former industrial space suffused with light. Inspired by the concept OCEAN OF OTHER, the monthly new moon play party at schwelle7, light and sound create a concentrated atmosphere for individual processes, collective actions and deep play. Three exceptional musicians provide tempo, rhythm and color for an ever-changing celebration.
ATTENTION: This is a silent space. No verbal expression, communication only by little notes and messages. To underline the special atmosphere some dressing up (white or light colors) is required.

Installation, Soundscapes and Silence Keeper: Felix Ruckert
Musicians: Andy Benz, Jürgen Grözinger, n.n.
Silence Keepers: Andrea, Stefan, Hamideh, Marion, Rija, Afsana, Sarah








(Fri+Sat 3pm-9pm, Sun 1pm-7pm)

This year the role play space will be a labyrinth, a jungle, an apocalyptic wilderness: a messy, misty, threatening and confusing universe where all kind of strange creatures find existence: predators roam, dwarfs and fairies hide, you might stumble over precious plants, spot bizarre animals, meet indigenous tribes and encounter forgotten people of the woods....who knows??

You are invited to enter this wilderness, to hunt or to be hunted, to discover and to be observed, to hide and seek, to attack or to be attacked ( A general safe word will be installed before entering, the rest is up to you – adventures and games at your own risk!!!!)

We will provide a sophisticated set, created by Kirsty. We will ask you to create your own costume and role before you enter the space in order to make the game more exciting: Of course, explorers, hunters or tourists, you are all welcome! But you might wish to become a creature of the forest yourself: a monster, a demon, a plant or an animals, a primitive or highly developed life form... your ideas and originality are very welcome!!!

Concept: Felix Ruckert
Art Director & Casting: Anna Natt
Set Design: Kirsty
Technic: Alexander
Performers:  to be announced

Here is your chance to earn your xplore Berlin 2017 ticket in exchange for three hours of high quality role playing! We look for dancers, actors and other performers to give life to our new ROLE PLAY scenario  -  Please send in your exciting ideas!  >>>  more...








(daily 1pm-7pm - Kutscherstube)

At xplore we encourge more fantasy in outfits and appearance. Here you can dress up and make yourself pretty. We create and provide costumes and help you to create your xplore character. Get magical!

Stylists: Ansku, Daniela a.o.



(Fri+Sat 3pm-9pm, Sun 1pm-7pm - Kutschersaal)

Self Expression in front of a camera, expose yourself and your fantasies on a real film set. Become the star of your own porn movie, supported by Erika Lust, a professional of queer avantgarde porn! Attention: The material will also be used for the explore documentary! Develop an idea and make your appointment!








Unless otherwise specified, play spaces require no nudity or fetish outfit, you can decide freely on that issue.

As the event is designed for adults we must emphasise the importance of consideration and self responsibility. Therefore it is obvious that all interactions should be related to the basic principle of SAFE - SANE - CONSENSUAL and practised by Safer Sex. We will ban anyone immediately from the entire festival who offend against this rule, acts reckless or even gets molesting.

Please note: For all play spaces please bring your own material (ropes, play props, massage oil, blankets, towels, yoga mats, cushions etc.) - There will be safer sex materials provided.



all Photos (except: Massage Exchage & Shibari Lounge): ©2016 Julia Tham