Thomas & Yousef








Thomas is more than 20 years on the tantric path. He founded Gay Love Spirit back in 2004, to create a safe space for Gay men, where they can deepen their sexuality and spirituality.

He gives workshops on sexuality, constellation work, massage and more, besides of leading retreats and trainings. This broad range also includes the Sexhibitionist workshop together with Yousef. This workshop is aimed at the more daring kind of men, curious to be photographed in different outfits and locations, although He supported quite a few shy men to participate and challenge their boundaries. This helped them to overcome shame and gain more self-confidence. His latest creation is the Summer Evolution festival, held in the Spitzmühle community, just outside of Berlin. Summer Evolution is about creative Sexuality, personal growth in a loving, supporting community.

Thomas: s: "It is a liberating way becoming a sexhibitionist. Better late than never.“

Yousef was born and raised in Beirut. He was living the Spirit of a rebel - coming Out as a gay man in the Arab world. As a member of the first Gay Organisation in the Middle East he felt how important it is to be supported by other brave Gay Men.

He has choosen the tantric path in 2010 and since then he combines his dancing skills with tantric elements. He created several workshops with Gay Love Spirit. Most of them deal with body awareness combined with erotic and sensual interaction between men.

At present he divides his time between Berlin and Barcelona, furthering his artistic career as a photographer, videographer, bellydancer and perfpormer. He loves to photograph sensual moments.





How long does it take to make a first judgement of someone? Most of you are aware or have read that we unconsciously judge a new person in a split second... even if you are trying not too. Online we do this even faster than in real life. In our Workshop we will sharpen our mind to find out what really attracts us.

The main image is obviously the most important as it decides whether we look further to other pics and check the info on the profile. But how to make a good one? Nothing is worse than seeing someone’s dirty laundry on the bed behind him, out-dated furniture, Dolly Parton posters, not matching clothes, your star wars collection or any of those markers telling more about you than you want on a first meeting. Background is important, people will try to figure out more about you from there. Of course it’s all in the eye of the beholder, but looks do matter online, that’s a reality. So how to make that eye catching picture?

Everyone has a better side of their face, so you will see guys consciously showing the left side, others the right side on all of their pics. Research has brought up that the left seems to be better. We’ll have more bizarre facts and tricks, most of them quite easy to do, but creating a change in how you look: which angle, how much zoom, how much skin, light etc…

As this workshop is about selfies, it will be about how to make those fabulous ones that set you apart and are fun. We’ll try different poses and backgrounds, use of light and colour, and go over the subtle messages that you are sending out. Many of them you might have never thought about. To smile or not to smile, that’s the question! Or rather, how to smile... ☺

We’ll surprise you with a makeover that will boost your online life and still be you, by highlighting the best features. We will also give attention to what other pics and themes you can use for your profiles, that will tell who you are in an attractive way. Are you ready for the other you?


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