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Dr. Nathalie Blanc works as a Research Director at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). She is the Managing Director of the CNRS-related LADYSS laboratory and is based in University Paris Diderot 7 in the Geography, History & Social Sciences Department.

A pionneer of ecocriticism in France, she has published and coordinated research programs on areas including habitability, environmental aesthetics, literature & environment and nature in the city. A founding member of the French Environmental Humanities Portal, she has also been from 2011 to 2015 the French delegate of the European COST research project Investigating cultural sustainability and is now the delegate of the European COST program on New Materialism ‘How Matter Comes to Matter’.

She has recently published the book Form, art, and environment: engaging in sustainability, by Routledge in 2016. Other selected publications include : Litterature and ecology. Towards an eco-poetry with T. Pughe and D. Chartier, in Écologie et politique. Ecoplasties. Art and Environment. with Julie Ramos, 2010, Manuella. Towards environmental aesthetics, 2008, Quae.

She is also an artist and an art commissionner, currently working on the theme of ecological fragility. In 2014, she was the curator of an exhibition "What makes fragility" at the Galerie Vivo Equidem

A series of reading performances from a poetic and scientific collection Atmoterrorismes were carried out in the context of the climatic year in Paris, in particular at the Vivo Equidem Gallery. A project of LABArtSciences was devoted to urban soils in the Anthropocene and gave birth to an exhibition at the Domaine de Chamarande. The LABArtSciences is devoted to The Table and the Territory, e.g. sustainable alimentation until 2019.




Being violently illNathalie-book

Play Space Lecture

Violence is what I know best, what is most deeply rooted, and deep within myself. I am a violent person, who conceives violence as a mode of existence, a mode of being. The proof of what I advance is most often resolved in violence. I am a violent woman, born of people who knew violence intimately.

I think of violence as that of my body towards itself. This is the violence of the disease. I have in my innermost self, as only I would know a secret, two autoimmune diseases, responses of an immune system that does not know anymore where to turn, and turns against itself. This violence is that of a dialogue, a real discussion inside, a dialogue between the disease and myself.


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