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Since early childhood Claudia has lived with horses and other animals in nature. Her interest in abundant relationships and fulfilling sexuality, the interplay between commitment and freedom, and the search for alternative lifestyles beyond imposed societal norms has brought her to intense philosophical and practical research about Tantra, BDSM, massage and states of ecstasy.

She facilitates encounters between humans and horses and offers massage rituals for creative exploration of personal sexuality and altered states of mind.


is a wonderful character, he is boldly loving with the heart of a biker. A real Dom who can be incredibly gentle and tender but also tough and destructive. He will challenge your preconceptions and ambitions. The first thing Anik saw when he arrived in this world was a human face and since then he has always enjoyed the presence of and communication with humans. If he trusts you, you will have the privilege of going on all kinds of adventures with him where he will allow you access to his rich universe.





Ysel's domain is creative sensory exploration, and she uses approaches such as guided lucid dreaming, ericksonian hypnosis, shamanism, energy work, connecting to one's own animal nature and intuitive touch.

Her research has led her to experiment with the diverse techniques of transe, meta position, lockout, spontaneous sound and mouvement, synesthesia, rituals, daydreaming and nocturnal lucid dreaming, gender fluidity, etc.
She also experiments with different means of connection (synchronization, « to see and to be seen », energies, sounds …) and various physical approaches, such as with and without moving in relation to the partner(s).






The relationship between humans and horses has a long history of domination and submission, pain and joy, freedom and imprisonment. Horses were used in war, for work, for entertainment and sport, therapy and leisure and sometimes even as companions.

The way we relate to animals reveals a lot about our relationships with ourselves and our origins.

If we try to let go of preconceived ideas of the world of being human or being animal, and think beyond our judgments and assumptions, we might enter a state of open perception, floating, or dreaming.

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In most cultures (Native Americans, Mongolians, Greeks, Celts etc.) the horse is seen as a link between the invisible and the perceivable world; between the world of dreams and states of trance, inspiration and emotions, and the material, grounded, visible and sensual world.

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In a hypnotic trance ritual we will go together on a journey to our 'inner horse'. With sounds, silence, movements, slowness and sensitivity, and the presence of and interaction with our partner Anik, a so called horse. You can explore how to communicate and dance with your ‘inner horse’ and the herd.




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