Angela Lamprianidou








Angela Lamprianidou Choreogrpaher Dance Artist and Yoga Coach

She has studied choreography and new techniques of interpretation at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. She has collaborated with theaters such as the Mercat de les Flors, Antic Teatre and underground spaces and faces. She has lived and worked in Berlin since 2013 and is collaborating with Ballhaus Ost.

She studied Dentistry at the University of Erlangen and is a yoga coach. She facilitates workshops both in Germany and internationally, for example in Athens, Barcelona and Norway among others.

She has a butterfly kidney!





We expand? Where do we expand, which spaces and spatial possibilities do we have?

How is the connection between the inner and outer space?

Voice is meeting movement - movement is meeting you.

The connection between the object and the subject?

A melange of somatic sensing, choreography and pranayama will accompany this workshop.



Photo: © M. Amuedo - Portrait: © sk 2017