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Juliette Dragon is a multidisciplinary cabaret artist. Ex fashion model for Martin Margella and Jean-Paul Gaulthier, her background is in music, dance, theatre, martial arts and circus, where she specializes in fire. She is the founder of the Ecole des Filles de Joie in Paris, which is the first New Burlesque Cabaret School in France. She teaches women the art of french seduction as an art-therapy to help them in their female empowerment. She has presented her work and workshops all over Europe and in Australia.





To deliver her interpretation of GRACE Juliette will initiate a goddess cult and open a timeless space where love and sexual pleasure are sacred.
 Everyone is welcome to join her and to create together a pagan ritual that celebrates love and life in an ephemeral poetic Goddes Temple.
Rules of the Ritual:

  • Choose a partner that you want to adore as a true living Goddess. She can be a He as well. Juliette uses the term “Goddess” to create another way of thinking religion than the usual patriarchal way.
  • Be his/her priestress: pamper, cuddle, cherish every part of his/her body. wash it, paint it with gold and glitters, perfumes, flowers, caress it with feathers, celebrate your God(dess) Try your best to please!
  •  Your Love Goddess is almighty. You should fear her. Whatever the Goddess desires, you should provide it. She might be protective when she feels fulfilled or destructive when she is angry...
  • Please bring gifts for the ceremony : perfumed massage oils, flowers, gold painting, incense, feathers, fresh fruits, any offering the goddess would appreciate...


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