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Marius-coverMarius Presterud (Cand. Psychol.) (b. at Drammen, 1980) is an performance artist, poet and health clinician. His original background is in psychology, with years of experience working in both public and private sector - In all other fields, he enjoys success winging it as an autodidact. Thematic commonalities throughout his work, writings and lectures is a focus on performativity and health.








Pearl Diving: Somaesthetics and art

Play Space Lecture

In this lecture, Marius will present his ongoing work series Pearl Diving (2015). In the first work of the series, swallowed pearls are located and extracted from the artist’s body. Presterud offers his reflections on simultaneously being a viewer of- and a visceral vessel for art, the challenges of locating this inner self he has heard so much about, and discusses the usage of the field of Somaesthetics as a theoretical backdrop for producing art. The lecture will end with a theme-related workshop, TBA.

As a springboard for a discussion of Somaesthetic art, attendees will be invited to make a sound piece with us - We will attempt to compose a choir of heart beats through the use of a contact mic and a looping recording device.


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